Evertrail Expands Fleet with Toyota FJ Cruisers for Camping Car Rentals in Okinawa

Grand News Network | June 29, 2024

Evertrail, a pioneering camping car rental service in Okinawa, celebrates a successful first half-year of operation. The company offers high-quality, well-equipped camping cars, allowing tourists to explore Okinawa comfortably and flexibly. In six months, Evertrail has seen significant growth and a notable increase in bookings, contributing positively to the local economy. Key features include convenience, all-inclusive packages, and eco-friendly options. Evertrail's exceptional customer experience is supported by a user-friendly booking system and dedicated service team. Future plans include expanding the fleet, introducing new routes, and forming local business partnerships. Evertrail is committed to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable tourism.

Evertrail Expands Fleet with Toyota FJ Cruisers for Camping Car Rentals in Okinawa

Ikehara, Okinawa, Japan, 29th Jun 2024 – Evertrail, a pioneering camping car rental service in Okinawa, is pleased to announce the expansion of its fleet with the addition of the fully equipped Toyota FJ Cruiser. This enhancement aims to provide travelers with an elevated and adventurous experience, reflecting the growing demand for high-quality camping car options in Okinawa.

About Evertrail

Evertrail addresses the increasing demand for flexible and adventurous travel options in Okinawa. By offering high-quality camping cars equipped with modern amenities, Evertrail ensures that travelers can immerse themselves in nature without compromising on comfort. The meticulously maintained fleet facilitates a hassle-free travel experience for customers.

Business Growth and Impact

In just six months, Evertrail has experienced significant growth, reflecting a rising trend in the tourism sector. The company has achieved a 65% increase in bookings month-over-month, highlighting the growing popularity of camping car travel. This growth not only signifies Evertrail's success but also contributes positively to Okinawa’s local economy by attracting more tourists and encouraging longer stays.

Fleet Expansion

The addition of the Toyota FJ Cruiser to Evertrail’s fleet marks a significant milestone. The FJ Cruiser, known for its rugged design and off-road capabilities, is fully equipped with amenities such as a functional kitchen, comprehensive insurance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. This expansion caters to a broader audience, offering both convenience and adventure to travelers exploring Okinawa.

Evertrail's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its user-friendly online booking system and dedicated customer service team, ensuring a seamless rental process. Positive customer feedback and high satisfaction rates underscore Evertrail’s dedication to quality and service excellence.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Evertrail plans to continue expanding its fleet and introducing new routes that showcase Okinawa's hidden gems. Additionally, the company is exploring partnerships with local businesses to offer exclusive deals and enhance the overall travel experience for customers.


Evertrail’s fleet expansion with the Toyota FJ Cruiser underscores its commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable tourism practices. This addition marks a significant step in providing travelers with a unique and memorable way to explore Okinawa.

For more information about Evertrail and to book the new Toyota FJ Cruiser, visit visit evertrailokinawa.com or contact evertrailokinawa@gmail.com.

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