TeekPay Launches Innovative USDT Transactions on WhatsApp Without Gas Fees

Grand News Network | June 13, 2024
TeekPay Launches Innovative USDT Transactions on WhatsApp Without Gas Fees

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates, 13th Jun 2024 - TeekPay, a pioneering tech startup, is thrilled to announce the launch of its beta service that enables WhatsApp’s 3.03 billion users to seamlessly send and receive USDT without any fees. This groundbreaking service marks a significant milestone in the evolution of cryptocurrency transactions, offering a simple and efficient solution for users worldwide.

TeekPay’s new service is the first-ever WhatsApp wallet that links directly to your WhatsApp number, utilizing delegated gas fees to facilitate USDT transactions over TRC20 without the need for Tron gas fees. This innovative approach allows for zero-fee transactions, making it possible to send even micro-transactions as small as 0.01 USDT effortlessly.

With TeekPay’s service, sending a USDT payment is as easy as typing “Send Name 10 USDT” into WhatsApp. Similarly, users can request payments by replacing ‘Send’ with ‘Request’ and using the command ‘CMD’ to access a list of commands. The system ensures privacy by assigning users a handle, allowing them to send or request USDT from anyone on WhatsApp without revealing their phone numbers.

“We wanted to make it simple for users to send and receive crypto directly within WhatsApp without needing to download any other app,” says Abdul Alim, CEO of TeekPay. “By integrating with a platform people already use daily, we aim to bring cryptocurrency to the masses in a convenient and secure way and eliminate gas fees.”

TeekPay’s WhatsApp wallet is underpinned by advanced technology that addresses several critical pain points in the current crypto ecosystem. One standout feature is the integration of facial fingerprinting with private key management, allowing users to recover their crypto assets securely if they lose access to their device, WhatsApp account, or phone number. The recovery process involves a liveness check of the user’s face and a PIN, adding robust security and convenience.

Additionally, TeekPay offers a dispute resolution mechanism for payments, enhancing e-commerce experiences and protecting users from potential fraud. The platform also includes a thoughtful digital inheritance feature, enabling users to set rules for distributing their crypto assets in case of death or disappearance. Users can set the system to distribute assets according to their pre-set instructions if no response is received within a specified period.

TeekPay Launches Innovative USDT Transactions on WhatsApp Without Gas Fees

Other innovative features of TeekPay include automatic daily, weekly, or monthly payments to companies and individuals and a decoy PIN to prevent extortion.

Early investors in TeekPay include notable figures such as Roger Ver of Bitcoin.com/BCH and Omar Rahim, former Director of Binance MENA. Their support highlights the significant potential of this ambitious project.

TeekPay’s beta WhatsApp wallet represents a major step forward in the cryptocurrency space, offering innovative solutions to long-standing issues. With only 50,000 users accepted during this beta launch, interested individuals are encouraged to visit TeekPay.com to experience this revolutionary platform.

About TeekPay

TeekPay is dedicated to transforming the way people interact with cryptocurrency. By leveraging advanced technologies and integrating with popular platforms like WhatsApp, TeekPay aims to make cryptocurrency transactions accessible, secure, and user-friendly for everyone. Our mission is to simplify digital finance and bring innovative solutions to the global market.


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